Agricol del Pacifico S.A.S.

We transform the value of the field

We are proud to bring the superior quality of our products, a reflection of Colombian culture, to homes around the world, promoting work and development opportunities for the country’s families.


We transform the value of the field


We are committed to offering products of the highest quality, grown and processed with care and dedication.


We constantly look for new ways to improve and grow, adopting innovative technologies and practices in our processes.


We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, employees and environment, ensuring their long-term well-being.


We act with honesty, transparency and ethics in all our operations and business relationships.

Social responsibility

We care about the impact of our actions on society and the environment, we work to be agents of change in our community.


Social Impact

At AGRICOL DEL PACIFICO S.A.S. We not only grow fruits and vegetables, we also cultivate opportunities. We are proud to generate jobs that dignify the people who work in the fields and transform our products.

Initially we have a welfare campaign aimed at small agricultural producers based on a fair price, and the employment of local labor in a municipality of only 20,528 inhabitants, contributing to improving the lives of families by providing a stable income generating opportunities for socioeconomic development. Additionally, we strive to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers using sustainable agricultural practices that protect and conserve the environment, biodiversity and water.

Through this social structure, we seek to cooperate with food security by making fresh and nutritious food affordable for all, contributing to the development of the agricultural sector community so that they invest in new technologies and sustainable practices while boosting the local economy.

Impacted hectares
Impacted municipalities
Collaborating women
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We transform the value of the field

Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us continually improve our products and processes. We hope to hear from you soon!

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